The 10 Proven Ways to Detox Your Body and Heal Yourself Naturally

There are plenty of reasons to detox your body. Some might be looking to naturally heal their bodies by ridding them of toxins, while others seek to detoxify their bodies to rid themselves of diseases like cancer or diabetes. Either way, you have the power to heal yourself and restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself using  the 10 proven ways to detox your body and heal yourself naturally. 

Why detox?

Our society is inundated with chemicals. Many of them enter our bodies through food, water, air, even skin contact. Curing illness depends on removing these toxins from your body. Take a holistic approach:

  • Identify sources of toxicity in your life.
  • Remove them and replace them with healthy habits that will restore lost nutrients.
  • Boost energy levels and promote natural detoxification processes.


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why detox


Start with the liver

Since our bodies are somewhat hard-wired for survival, we’re constantly detoxifying. Our livers do most of that work for us—To detoxify your body naturally, it’s best to start with your liver. Your liver is one of your body’s primary toxin filters; if you have any health problems (even minor ones), toxins are likely building up in your liver. Start by removing all chemicals from your diet, drinking plenty of water (approximately half a gallon per day) and exercising regularly. You can then move to more advanced detox methods like hair analysis and nutritional supplements.


Coffee enemas

The therapeutic effects of coffee enemas aren’t a secret: One study found that 100 percent of participants experienced reductions in pain, bloating, nausea, and fatigue. Do a coffee enema if you’re interested in kicking off your detox program with a bang. It’s as simple as it sounds: Ingest a cup of freshly brewed java through your rectum for about eight minutes.


Sauna therapy

Sweating out toxins is an important part of any detoxification program. The sauna helps you sweat out poisons from within your body. You can use a traditional sauna or a steam room at your local gym (the latter will be more convenient for most people). Both methods work well for detoxifying your body. The sauna maybe be used as often as you like, but consider that frequent exposure to high temperatures may have negative side effects, including raising your risk of cardiovascular disease.



A Mind-Body Approach: Most of us think of detoxing to improve our health by eliminating impurities, but fasting is one of nature’s best ways to heal disease.


Toxic foods (gluten, sugar, alcohol)

Some of these foods aren’t toxic, but our bodies react with inflammation when we eat them, so they do tend to make us feel bad. Getting rid of these foods from your diet is one of the first steps in controlling your life.


Use herbs for detoxification

Herbs are great for cleansing, but be sure you use them correctly. For example, dandelion root is a mild laxative that helps your body detoxify itself naturally. Most herbs can be consumed in tea form or eaten raw in salads.


Juicing greens for maximum nutrient intake

Drink at least two cups of green juice daily. It doesn’t have to be just kale or chard; any dark leafy green will do, including collards, spinach, dandelion greens, etc.


Dry skin brushing

Dry skin brushing helps detoxify your body by removing dead skin cells, boosting circulation, and releasing endorphins. It also helps stimulate lymphatic flow in your body. Dry brushing is supposed to be done with a natural-bristle brush after you take a warm shower or bath. Simply brush over wet skin in circular motions while focusing on problem areas like your tummy, inner thighs, arms, chest, neck and back.


Supporting detox supplements

Nutritional supplements—namely detox herbs—are incredibly useful for helping your body cleanse itself. Some popular herbal detox supplements include: dandelion root tea, milk thistle supplements, burdock root, juniper berries, apple cider vinegar,omega supplements,yellow dock root and cascara sagrada bark. These will cleanse your body from within of harmful toxins that can make you feel sluggish.


Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are two natural ways to get control of your life. They can lower stress, reduce pain, boost energy levels, help you relax better at night, detoxify your body, improve moods...the list goes on. These two modalities will have you looking at life with a newfound sense of purpose and contentment.

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